PUBG Update 29 is out now for PC

  • The PUBG PC Update 29 has been launched on the test server last week, and it seems like testing has gone well, as the update is now live on the main server. The biggest change brought by the PUBG PC Update 29 is the second Vikendi rebalance. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash Top Up kindly go to our site. Pretty much all features of the map have been changed, from the blue zone, item spawn rate, vehicle spawn rate, to the loot found inside the secret cavern. Some of the new additions in PUBG update 29 include Tactical Map Markers, increased spawn kit options in Custom Matches, Camp Jackal as a playable map in War Mode: Conquest. The biggest change has been made to rebalance the Vikendi map after player feedback.

    This burst of international success for Tencent comes in the wake of domestic market disruption,” notes Shorthouse. “The nine-month freeze on the game approval process in China in 2018 impacted the well-prepared plans of all the domestic games publishers, pushing the biggest players to capitalize on the somewhat untapped international opportunity. As the effects of the freeze linger, IHS Markit expects Tencent and NetEase to continue to build their exposure to international markets, thus competing more directly with major games publishers from other regions.

    According to reports, several in-game t-shirts featuring Godzilla have already appeared and players have also started spotting graffiti sprayed across the map hinting at the event. It is expected that the Godzilla crossover will happen nearer the end of the month. We're expecting the usual event themed skins, maybe some interesting new modes and the chance to see the monster itself. Some players are hoping they'll get a chance to play Godzilla itself.

    Due to item changes this patch, including merging some attachments together, there is naturally a gap left in spawns which needs to be filled with other items. Because of this, we have increased the spawn rate of other items evenly. This will also result in a small increase in spawns of high priority items such as ARs, meds etc. This also means the overall loot for other maps has also increased slightly, although no changes have been made to individual item spawn ratios on other maps.

    During four hours of counselling, we advised her to give her husband and marriage a second chance. She agreed to it and we gave her a unique ID number for 181 helpline so that we could identify the case quickly and work accordingly, but she has not made any such attempt," Falguni Patel said. PUBG is an online multi-player battle royale game (available free on mobile platforms) developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole.